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The Shadow Ark

Author: Michael Lindal
Artist: Peder Riis

The last of mankind has left Earth and sought refugee among the stars aboard the giant spaceship The Ark.
A series of grim murders frightens the lower decks, and two women gets assigned to the case – reluctant Molly and dutiful Luna.

1 book
128 pages
21,0 x 28,5 cm

Sample page at the bottom of this page.

The Life and Times of Don Rosa

Author: Jesper Sichlau
Artist: Don Rosa

Don Rosa is one of the greatest and innovative Disney comic creators. In the same way as Uncle Scrooge has endured much to reach his goal, so has Rosa as he frankly tells about in the book. Filled with illustrations and photos.

1 book
198 pages
17,0 x 24,0 cm

Sample page from “The Life and Times of Don Rosa”.
Sample page from “The Shadow Ark”.