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Rune Ryberg is an award winning Danish comic book artist with a history in animation. His style is loose and colour-full, often with longer wordless sequences and a focus on the characters inner emotional struggles and tribulations. His work is not shy of vivid colours and the reader is usually subjected to a playfull 70’s acid trip. In 2020, Rune received the Danish Arts Foundation’s 3 year work grant, for his contribution to the art that is a renewal of Danish comics.


Homunculus by Rune Ryberg and Benni BødkerMeet supernatural sleuth Dr. Harryhausen who fights false psychic medias and explores the fifth dimension. Usually accompanied by his sidekick Homunculus – who, as his name suggest, is an artificial being created by an occult group whom dr. Harryhausen fiercely battles …

Text by Benni Bødker. Art by Rune Ryberg.

76 pages
28,5 x 22,0 cm.
Published in Danish and French.

Homunculus by Rune Ryberg and Benni Bødker