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René Birkholm holds degrees as graphic designer (The Design School Kolding). René Birkholm’s genre is science fiction with a twist and a critical approach. Issues such as gene therapy, racism, karma and abuse of nature are at stake.

Chili Gomobo

Chili Gomobo #1
82 pages
Chili-GomoboChili Gomobo is a street performer on the planet Raktus. His ancient robot, which is clumsy and annoying, helps. And the income is low. A state of chaos is rising.

Chili Gomobo #2:
76 pages
Violas life is hell. Her boyfriend is violent, lazy and a drunk. She suffers from migraine. Viola is desperate. Is there any help to get in the alternative world? Some acupuncture or magic, perhaps?

2 books, 82 and 76 pages
black and white
21,8 x 27,8 cm