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Born 1953. Paul Arne Kring is a theatre scenographer, puppet designer and comics artist. In 1969 he had his his first story with Weneetryhl published in Denmark, and in recent years three more stories have come from his talented hands. His detective stories with Bolette Hansen was published weekly in the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet.

Bolette Hansen

bolette-hansen1920’s Copenhagen – a roaring, thriving metropolis and Bolette Hansen, crime novelist, is struggling with her latest novel.
A chance meeting with a stranger sets events in motion and thrusts Ms. Hansen into the criminal underworld of the Danish capital.
Ages 12 and up.

Script and art by Paul Arne Kring.

#1: The man on the beach – 44 pages
#2: Sleepwalker – 44 pages
#3: Mette, Bolette and the Lion – 44 pages
29,5 x 21,0 cm


In the socialist future of tomorrow, Weneetryhl – who helped found the galactic federation – finds herself traveling through the universe, where she encounters unsavory characters, patriarchal civilizations, the remnants of an old Christian space colony and dinosaurs.
Ages 12 and up.

Script and art by Paul Arne Kring.

Book 1, 48 pages
Book 2, 96 pages
Book 3, 60 pages
29,5 x 21,0 cm


Sample page from “Weneetryhl”.


Sample page from “Bolette Hansen”.