Palle Schmidt

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Comics author, illustrator and screenwriter.
Illustrator of Thomas Alsop and writer-artist of Stiletto.
Teaches comics.

Thomas Alsop

Thomas Alsop is the current Hand of the Island, magical protector of Manhattan. Fans of Constantine and Dr. Strange will love this original take on the magic-wielding hero who battles demons on the streets… and in his own mind.

Thomas Alsop series 1, 176 pages. 16,8 x 26,0 cm.
‘Best Mini-Series of 2014’ (USA Today).
Published in English and Danish.
Rights owner: Creators Miskiewicz and Schmidt.


The brutal slaying of two police officers guarding a material witness pin detectives Alphonse and Maynard against their toughest adversary yet.
A leak inside the department, internal affairs, and personal involvement in the case threaten to undo the investigation and a long friendship.

132 pages, 16,8 x 26 cm
Published in English and Danish
Rights owner: Lion Forge Comics

Sample page from “Stiletto”.
Sample page from “Thomas Alsop”.