Nicolai Hvidberg Jørgensen

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Freelance illustrator since 2009 working on illustration assignments ranging from posters, drawings to magazines, comic books, vinyl covers, portrait drawings, character designs to storyboards, murals, performance art, advertising ads, visual identity and T-shirt and logo design.


EGO_forside_A6_cmyk_300_dpi”EGO – means ”I”… This story is about me, my insanity, my vain, my fantasies… memories and dream…” This is how illustrator Nicolai Hvidberg Jørgensen describes himself in EGO, which he started in 2013 as “a kind of drawn diary”.

Text and art by Nicolai Hvidberg Jørgensen.

1 book
60 pages
18,0 x 24,5 cm