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A Danish Children’s author with 57 published books. Morten’s books have been translated into 20 languages. His current bestseller is the graphic novel “Zenobia” (artwork Lars Horneman) which has been sold for publication in 19 territories including: USA, Australia/New Zeland, Sweden, Norway, Faro Islands, Denmark, Croatia, Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Palestine, Italy, Spain, France, Japan and Germany.

Ivalu + Zenobia

Ivalu and Zenobia are the first two books in a series about children’s right around the world.

Script by Morten Dürr. Art by Lars Horneman.

ivalu-zenobiaZenobia is about the war in Syria. A graphic novel about a girl fleeing from war in Syria. Sold for publication to 17 territories in 16 languages.

Ivalu is a story from remote Greenland about sexual abuse and suicide among children and young adults. A young girl suddenly has to face the horrible realities of incest and suicide, when her older sister Ivalu disappears.

2 books in the series:
Zenobia, 92 pages
Ivalu, 116 pages
17,5 x 24,5 cm

The Whispers Game

Playing ”pass the message” at school was a lot of fun for Vera and her friends. Then the quiet, new girl Anna joined the game. She whispered: ‘My mom hits me’. The Whispers Game is a comic book about girls making themselves heard.

The Whispers Game graphic novel Dürr Dam foreign rightsScript by Morten Dürr. Art by Sofie Louise Dam.

Scope: 72 pages
Size: 24,0 x 17,0 cm
Coming out in Danish in February 2021.