Line Høj Høstrup

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Line Høj Høstrup (born 1988) is a color-happy Danish illustrator and cartoonist. She graduated from Graphic Storytelling at The Animation Workshop in 2017 and started her freelance business Høj Høstrup Illustration in Aarhus. Her first comic The Matter We’re Made Of (Det Rette Element) came out in the beginning of 2019 and won the Pingprisen-award for best Danish debut.

The Matter We’re Made Of

The-Matter-Were-Made-Of-coverEllen is a young, ambitious woman who is about to fulfil her dream of building her own house, when she is diagnosed with ALS.
Ellen fights desperately to keep her dream alive, but maybe there’s other things that makes life worth living.

Text and art by Line Høj Høstrup

72 pages
17,0 x 24,0 cm
Already published in English, Polish and Czech.