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lars-hornemanIllustrator and comics artist. Zenobia with author Morten Dürr won him several awards for Best Graphic Novel in 2016 and the Illustration Award of the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Ivalu + Zenobia

Ivalu and Zenobia are the first two books in a series about children’s right around the world.

Script by Morten Dürr. Art by Lars Hornemann.

ivalu-zenobiaZenobia is about the war in Syria. A graphic novel about a girl fleeing from war in Syria. Sold for publication to 17 territories in 16 languages.

Ivalu is a story from remote Greenland about sexual abuse and suicide among children and young adults. A young girl suddenly has to face the horrible realities of incest and suicide, when her older sister Ivalu disappears.

2 books in the series:
Zenobia, 92 pages
Ivalu, 116 pages
17,5 x 24,5 cm