Karsten Mungo Madsen

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Director, animator, illustrator, writer and cartoonist. Karsten is manager and owner of Tiny Film ApS, that produces animated TV series.
His illustrated children’s books have been published in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and China.


Nanna’s Dream

A story from the Nordic mythology. As Balder returns to Asgard, he gets everyone’s attention and Loki feels ignored.
Out of sheer jealousy, Loki lets Balder meet Nanna, a human princess and the fiancée of Hother, Balder’s unknown twin brother.

1 book
56 pages
22,0 x 29,5 cm

The Scrapbook

A horrifying lighthouse, bloody nightmares and an old scrapbook with clips from the 30’ties about a serial killer. The Scrapbook is a classic christmas horror story and was nominated for “Best Horror Release of 2017” by the Danish Horror Society.

1 book
52 pages
25,4 x 18,0 cm

Sample page from “Nanns’s Dream”.
Sample page from “The Scrapbook”.