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Christer Boegh Andersen. Danish comic artist and author. Works as an illustrator and communication consultant.

Debuted in 2014 with the graphic short story collection ‘The sophisticated junk dealer’, which was nominated for the Ping award for best Danish debut 2014.

The song we didn’t know

The-song-we-didnt-know-by-Christer-Boegh-Andersen-cover-graphic-novel-foreign-rightsJune 1990. Jannick, 15, is enjoying the peace of home with little brother Nis and their mother.

Big sister Karen then arrives with a new friend, Camilla, ending the peace for Jannick. A story about family relationships, jealousy and desire.

Text and art by Christer Bøgh Andersen.

Book data:
100 pages
19,0 x 24,0 cm